2017 Toyota Camry Colors Option

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Toyota Camry is last released in 2016. Until now, it has attracted so many buyers. That is why Toyota does not hesitate to launch the new version of Toyota Camry. Even though it has not been released yet, it is going to be released soon in a few months later. One of the factors that make people attracted to this new sedan is the colors. There are various colors that are available both for the exterior and the interior. What are the colors that are offered? Let’s check the following 2017 Toyota Camry colors.

2017 Toyota Camry Exterior Colors

There are many options of 2017 Toyota Camry colors that are offered. The first color is black. It can also be called attitude black. The second color is silver. It can also be called celestial silver metallic. Besides that, it also offers gray color where it is divided into two. They are cosmic gray and predawn gray mica. You can also choose Parisian night pearl as the variation of blue color. Crème Brulee mica or beige can also be a good choice. If you want to look for a sharp color, ruby flare pearl or red is the best choice. Another 2017 Toyota Camry exterior color is super white.

2017 Toyota Camry Interior Colors

For the interior, you will be offered three 2017 Toyota Camry colors. The first option is almond with fabric seat trim or beige. The second option is ash with fabric seat trim or gray. Another 2017 Toyota Camry interior color is black with fabric seat trim.

That is all about 2017 Toyota Camry colors. Different people will have different choices. So, you can choose tone of them based on your desire. You can also choose based on your own style. Whatever the color you choose, 2017 Toyota Camry can be a good car to buy.

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6 Photos of the 2017 Toyota Camry Colors Option

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